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PJ7PK – QRT and safe!

“NA-247 will never be activated again – no way!”

That was the remark made by one of the team who landed and operated from this NEW one.


You can be sure he meant every word of it.

Looks are deceiving when viewing this island from the mainland in contrast to circling around it in a boat. Indeed, there is no landing stage – anywhere. To get on you swim and let the swell take you ashore hoping no submerged rocks and sea urchins pierce your skin. You also need a competent RIB operator to manoeuvre in and out with radio gear.

Much will be written about this brand new activation as there’s a story to tell by everyone involved, but let’s congratulate the ops who made over 2300 QSOs in 18hrs of extreme heat operating. They are all now recovering well.

Landed and QRV

UPDATE @ 0500z, October 8th

The three ops have asked to come off. They will QRT approx 0900z but may be sooner than that.

After considerable difficulties, three of the team landed on Pelikan Key shortly after 13:00z today. Swell was over 2m high crashing all around in a surge.

They are currently active on 2 bands, 30CW and 17SSB. Possibly a third band later.

Main aim is to make 1000 QSOs and make the island truly activated.

Currently no idea when and how the three ops will remain/get-off, so fingers crossed for all involved. They will be QRV until Wednesday morning their time until further notice.

Another attempted landing later.

04:00am local.

Yesterday the PJ7PK team attempted to land Pelikan island a few times but were unsuccessful due to high sea swell.

Contrary to reports, we have not cancelled and will try again to land today.

The seemingly “easy looking” pictures of the island are very deceiving and it’s not until you are up close and personal with the rock that the true existent of the task is apparent.

Cross fingers for today !

PJ7PK – activation of St Maarten’s Coastal Islands, NA-247-NEW

A 5-man team plan activity from Guana Key of Pelikan (IOTA NA-247-NEW) approximately October 6-10, 2014.

Chartering a 40ft yacht out of Lagoon Marina, St Maarten, and using the callsign PJ7PK, the entire activation is dependent on good weather and seas –  therefore dates may change slightly.

Guana Key of Pelikan is a small island located off the south east coast of St Maarten. Its elevation is 17 metres above sea level – and with a rocky terrain – it is quite the opposite of the island paradise we will leave behind to activate this NEW ONE IOTA.

Activity on 40-10m, CW & SSB.

Try to limit your contacts to one band/mode – Give others a chance to work a New One